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A black-and-white photograph of CJ Hoke (she/her) with her hands under her chin. She is smiling. Photo Credit: Nate Myers

Oh, Hello! 

CJ is a comedy/dramedy writer focused on telling women-driven stories with heart. Her love of comedy began at an early age, watching reruns of Rocky & Bullwinkle and challenging her parents to increasingly absurd pun-offs. While she compulsively livejournaled the daily dramas of her all-girls education, it took until high school for her to write her first play (a love story between a lake monster and human camp counselor) at French-immersion summer camp, at which point she - like the lake monster - was hooked.

CJ followed her love of comedic kaiju storytelling to a development desk at Roger Corman's company, then to a different behemoth - ABC's General Hospital. Her subsequent credits include six episodes of GH, the six-part comedy play series Camp Ragnarok with Theatre Unleashed, and five episodes of Pencil Ink Film's webseries The Misselthwaite Archives, based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden. She has also worked as support staff on Best Foot Forward (AppleTV+), American Gigolo (Showtime/Paramount+), and, most recently, hit comedy Shrinking (AppleTV+).


CJ won Best Play (English) at the 2024 Short + Sweet Festival Hollywood with her short play, PLAYGROUND GAMES! Her play also won Judges' Choice for both the Semifinal and Final Rounds.

CJ also won the half-hour category of the 2022 JHRTS Script Competition for her pilot about her grandmother, HOOKERS.

Her short play, SNOW, which follows two frazzled archivists reassembling endless piles of paperwork shredded by an impulsive president, won the ENCORE! Producers Award at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival. She was honored to be included in the 2019 Bitch List.

For CJ's current availability, please email here.

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