FALL, 2018

    LACEY and GLEN work in a nondescript government office, reassembling  shredded papers generated by the Trump Oval Office in accordance with the Presidential Records Act. This is revealed to be a Sisyphean task, as more bags of paper fragments arrive daily from the Shredder‐in‐Chief. A tense workday following a new document delivery leads the coworkers to reminisce about their work during previous administrations, then, finally, to search for meaning in their current roles and their lives.

    first staged reading with The Sandbox, September 24, 2018

    ten-minute play; rights available


    SUMMER, 2017

    After a mysterious accident took his sister’s life, outdoorsman Hunter took his family’s vacation campground and turned it into Camp Ragnarok: a destination to teach survival skills for the coming apocalypse. Five campers have come to the retreat expecting to learn to tie knots, light a fire, maybe pitch a tent. But soon they find that between rocky relationships, prophesying squirrels, and a pair of avunculicidal scheming teens, they may have gotten more than they bargained for! Will the campers even survive this survivalists’ camp?


    co-writer / producer

    six-part comedy play series through Theatre Unleashed

    watch Episode 1 here

    read a review here



    When an aging soap star finds out she's being replaced, she decides to fight back to secure her legacy.

    1st Runner-Up in the 2017 Second City Training Center Original Sitcom Pilot Competition
    (watch the SCTC Staged Reading here)
    2nd Runner-Up (Comedy) in the 2018 Assistant List Competition
    Finalist in the 2017 WeScreenplay Television Competition
    Quarter-Finalist in the 2018 Creative World Awards (Original Television Sitcom)
    Quarter-Finalist in the 5th Annual Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship
    Quarter-Finalist in 2017 Final Draft Big Break Contest (Television, Half-Hour Pilot)
    Top 100 Script in 2017 Emerging Screenwriters Feature/Pilot Competition
    Second Rounder in the 2018 Austin Film Festival Comedy Teleplay Competition

    half-hour comedy pilot; rights available



    A multimedia webseries from Pencil Ink Productions, based on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

    staff writer / five episodes & transmedia content

    Episode 10: The Secret

    Episode 12: The Illustrious Travels of Uncle Art

    Episode 25: Spit Shake

    Episode 30: Bloody Mary

    Episode X: Flashback

    full series available at




    A young man confronts his past and future when he must work with the ex-girlfriend he ghosted to clean out his late mother's radio office.

    first staged reading with University Theater, June, 2013

    full-length play; rights available

Monsters Buyers Club
Inspired by a misread tweet that Jean-Marc Vallée was going to direct "Godzilla and the Bird," I designed three Godzilla/Vallée crossover posters. This is the first.
(The Sharp Objects are Teeth)
Inspired by a misread tweet that Jean-Marc Vallée was going to direct "Godzilla and the Bird," I designed three Godzilla/Vallée crossover posters. This is the second.
Big Little Kaiju
Who's the tiny bully when everyone's a gigantic monster? (idea via @fangirlingjess)

Inspired by a misread tweet that Jean-Marc Vallée was going to direct "Godzilla and the Bird," I designed three Godzilla/Vallée crossover posters. This is the third.
Professional Bachelor Sirius Black
Inspired by a Harry Potter joke, Sirius Black clutches the final rose - he is the professional Bachelor.
Crowley: Crossroads Demon
Supernatural character Crowley, a Crossroads Demon, realizes he's been reassigned - to manage a Crossroads Store.
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Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

CJ's play, SNOW, was performed as part of PAPER TRAILS at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival! Reviews here.

Off The Page Productions
2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival



CJ wrote a twenty-four hour play, Leap of Faith, for Theatre Unleashed's Anniversary Show! More here.

Theatre Unleashed



CJ's comedy script, Producion Choice, made the 2019 Bitch List! Details on the list here.

The Bitch List



Storyteller | Script Coordinator | Steam Car Repairwoman

CJ is a comedy/dramedy writer focused on telling women-driven stories with heart. Her credits include breakdowns for the long-running soap opera, General Hospital, co-writing and producing the six-part comedy play series Camp Ragnarok with Theatre Unleashed, as well as five episodes of Pencil Ink Film's webseries The Misselthwaite Archives, based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden. Her comedy pilot, Production Choice, has placed in eight script competitions and was featured on the 2019 Bitch List

A graduate of the University of Chicago with double honors in French and Theatre Studies, CJ started in LA as a development assistant with Roger Corman's New Horizons Picture Corporation. A few monster movies and a stint in international film sales later, she joined ABC Daytime's General Hospital in 2015 as the show's script coordinator and has been sneaking commas into their most, dramatic, scenes ever since.

For CJ's current availability, please email here.


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